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Do You Think Marriage As a Sacrament is Loosing Its Value in Modern India?

Marriage as a Sacrament in Modern India: A Changing Perspective

In traditional Indian society, marriage has been revered as a sacrament, a sacred union, not just a contract between two individuals but a bond between two families. However, modern India, influenced by globalization, evolving socio-cultural dynamics, and changing aspirations, exhibits some shifts in this perspective.

Reasons for Changing Perception:

  1. Individualism: The focus on individual rights, aspirations, and freedom has led many to prioritize personal growth and self-fulfillment over traditional marital obligations.
  2. Increasing Acceptance of Live-in Relationships: A growing acceptance of cohabitation without formalizing it as marriage challenges conventional norms.
  3. Rising Divorce Rates: Earlier, societal pressure made divorce a stigma. Today, while it’s still challenging, there’s greater acceptance of ending unsatisfying or abusive marriages.
  4. Economic Independence: Especially among women, this has provided the freedom to challenge oppressive marital practices and choose or end relationships based on personal happiness.

However, Countering Aspects Include:

  1. Cultural Festivities: The grandeur and significance of wedding ceremonies in India, even among urban classes, signify the deep-rooted respect for the institution.
  2. Societal Norms: Despite modernization, a significant section of society still upholds marriage as a critical rite of passage and an embodiment of familial honor.

In conclusion, while marriage as a sacrament is witnessing challenges in its traditional construct, it still holds significant value in modern India. However, the definitions and expectations from this institution are undoubtedly evolving.

April 2024