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Editorials/Opinions Analysis For UPSC 22 September 2022

Editorials/Opinions Analysis For UPSC 22 September 2022


  1. Semiconductor PLI: 50% of project cost cleared
  2. The ‘Triple Dip’ in LaNina

Semiconductor PLI: 50% of Project Cost Cleared


  • Changes to the Rs 76,000-crore semiconductor Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme were recently approved by the Union Cabinet.
    • The PLI scheme incentivizes businesses to improve their domestic manufacturing.
    • The PLI schemes are carried out by the relevant Ministries/Departments.
    • PLI Schemes for 13 industries were announced in the Union Budget 2021-22. Later, the textile industry was added.
  • This now allows for consistent fiscal support of 50% of project costs for semiconductor fabs across technology nodes and display manufacturing.


GS Paper – 2: Government Policies & Interventions, GS Paper – 3:, Growth & Development, Indigenization of Technology, Industrial Policy, Scientific Innovations & Discoveries

Mains Question

“It is not a wise policy to rely entirely on global supply chains for something as critical as semiconductor chips, which are the heart and brain of all modern electronics.” India must become self-sufficient in this sector.” Analyse. (150 Words)

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The ‘Triple Dip’ in LaNina


  • The ongoing La Nina phase of the equatorial Pacific Ocean is expected to last at least another six months, making it one of the longest La nina episodes ever recorded. It is also only the third episode since 1950 to run for a third year in a row.
  • On August 31, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) stated that La Nina would span three consecutive northern hemisphere winters for the first time this century, resulting in a ‘triple dip’ La Nina.
  • This is likely to have far-reaching consequences for weather events around the world in the coming months, potentially exacerbating both floods and droughts in various regions.


GS Paper 1: Important Geophysical phenomena such as earthquakes, Tsunami, Volcanic activity, cyclone etc

Mains Question

Drought has been designated as a disaster due to its geographic scope, duration, slow onset, and long-term effects on vulnerable populations. Discuss the mechanisms for preparedness to deal with likely El Nino and La Nina fallouts in India, with a focus on the National Disaster Management Authority’s (NDMA) September 2010 guidelines. (250 Words)

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