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Fragmenting World Order; Untied Nations


Russia-Ukraine Conflict has exposed the global interconnectedness which is now at an all time low. It poses a challenge to cooperation of various nations over various issues like Economy, Security, Military and Cultural Ties.


GS-II: Bilateral, Regional and Global Groupings and Agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests.

GS-II: Effect of Policies and Politics of Developed and Developing Countries on India’s interests, Indian Diaspora.

Dimensions of the Article

  • Ineffectiveness of the UN and the Security Council
  • Withering Nuclear Safeguards and Non-State Actors
  • Unilateral Actions
  • Isolation by Culture
  • India’s Dilemma and Strategy
  • Way Forward

Ineffectiveness of the UN and the Security Council

  • United Nations and Security have failed to thwart or even pressurize Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
  • Eerily similar to United States and Iraq in 2003, Israel and Lebanon in 2006 and Saudi Arabia and Yemen in 2005.
  • Ukraine issue is a bigger one because of direct missile attacks, civilian and military casualties and the concern of turning to a widespread conflict.
  • UN Charters and Articles have been vehemently violated and loss of resolution at UNGA has meant nothing for nations.
  • On the other hand, nations too have imposed sanctions on Russia unilaterally without running it past the UN.
  • UN’s power to effect a truce is highly questionable.

Withering Nuclear Safeguards and Non-State Actor

  • Despite the learnings of Chernobyl, Russia has been reckless in its approach towards Nuclear facilities in Ukraine.
  • Any nuclear incident would bring Russia in parallel with the US with the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • Countries may begin to evaluate the cost of a Non-Proliferation regime. Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons and lost its deterrent whereas countries like Iran and North Korea continue to defy global order.
  • Another major issue is the role of Non-State actors where militant groups of Donbas region have supported Russia which again imitates the Al-Qaeda.
  • Ukrainian President’s call for volunteers across the world too augments such issues.
  • Neutral countries must call for prevention of Non-State Actors in the war.

Unilateral Actions

  • The sanctions imposed on Russia have largely been unilateral which also fragments the global financial order.
  • WTO and the global order established by it may be threatened by these actions.
  • A push back from Russia would mean increasing its trade with countries like China and India who would again be under the threat of sanctions.
  • Global disruption of economic order is not favourble when the most economies are still recovering from the pandemic shock.

Isolation by Culture

  • Claims have been made that the fight is against the Russian leadership, however every action is bound to affect the average Russian.
  • Cancellation of flights, cultural shows, concerts, etc. might work in the favour of Kremlin.
  • The crisis purported due to migration putting additional burden on European countries might also play a part in regional and racial discrimination.
  • Such isolation might breed a generation with animosity and cause widespread humanitarian disruptions.

India’s Dilemma and Strategy

  • India has been walking a tightrope with abstinence from voting against Russia but supporting Ukraine on humanitarian basis.
  • This strategy will protect Indian interests in short-term but a stretched conflict will test India’s geopolitical standing.
  • India needs to cash in on its geopolitical clout and make sure that the conflict does not stretch which is good for both the East and the West.
  • India can initiate strengthening and reinvention of the global order which would make this world a safer place.

Way Forward

The war presently promises a very few winners and putting an end to it is the only way forward. Institutional Mechanisms must be strengthened and countries must abide by the global rule. India can act as the anchor for the world around which the conflicts can be settled.

Source – The Hindu

February 2024