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Guru Nabha Dass


Punjab government announced gazetted holiday on the birth anniversary of Guru Nabha Dass, a 16th century saint, taking it out from list of restricted holidays.


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Dimensions of the Article:

  1. Who was Guru Nabha Dass?
  2. What is his connection with Punjab?

Who was Guru Nabha Dass?

  • Guru Nabha Dass was born on April 8, 1537 at village Bhadrachalam on the bank of Godavari river in Khammam district, which falls in the present day Telangana.
  • He belonged to Mahasha also known as doom or dumna community, which is one of the Schedule Caste communities.
  • People from this community are also known as Nabhadassias.
  • The community members are known for making baskets and grain storage containers with bamboo.
  • Nabha Dass was five years old when his parents — mother Janki Devi and father Ramdas — passed away and two religious gurus — Agar Dass and Keel Dass — who were passing through his village took the orphan child to a temple at Ghalta Dham, which is now main pilgrimage of Nabhadassias, at Jaipur.
  • Since childhood Guru Nabha Dass, whose original name was Narayan Dass, had an inclination towards spirituality.
  • Guru Nabha Dass wrote ‘Bhagatmal’ in 1585.
  • It has the life history of around 200 saints.
  • He died in 1643.

What is his connection with Punjab?

  • Guru Nabha Dass used to visit village Pandori in Gurdaspur district where people of Doom community live. Some gurus of the community also used to live there.
  • He said that neighbouring Himachal Pradesh and Jammu states also have a sizeable presence of the community.
  • Kullu Dussehra is celebrated for a week on the directions of Guru Nabha Dass.

-Source: Indian Express

November 2023