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Heliosphere, Heliopause and Interstellar Space

  • The sun creates heliosphere by sending a constant flow of particles and a magnetic field out into space at over 670,000 miles per hour. This stream is called the ‘solar wind.’
  • Heliopause marks the end of a region created by our sun that is called the heliosphere.
  • It is the boundary between our Solar System and the interstellar medium.
  • It is the place where the sun’s constant flow of material and magnetic field stop affecting its surroundings.
  • Interstellar Space is the part of space that exists between stars with cold particles around it.
  • Inside the heliosphere, the solar particles are hot but less concentrated. Outside of the bubble, they are very much colder but more concentrated.
  • Once an object arrives in interstellar space, there would be an increase of “cold” particles around it.
Nasa Voyager 2 enters INTERSTELLAR space after 40 year, 11billion ...UPSC
December 2023