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How To Prepare For UPSC Prelim 2023?

The Civil Services Examination (CSE) conducted by the UPSC is done to recruit candidates that are suitable for IAS, IPS, IFS, and other services. Millions of people apply for these exams but only a few make it through the exams and get selected.

This makes the present-day candidates with lingering questions like how to prepare for the exams and what strategies can be applied to clear the exams? In this article, much will unfold regarding these questions so keep on reading.

What, When and Where?

Before blindly diving into the preparation for the exams one must know when the exams are taking place and where. UPSC releases a calendar where it shows what events are taking place. 

The exams, tests, and interviews are all part of this calendar. As a student it also best to know are the parts of these exams:

UPSC Prelim Exam:  A set of two exams takes place which includes the General Studies-I and General Studies-II.

UPSC personality exam or interview: the personality exam is the last thing that takes place. The total score is made by adding together this and the main exam and the interview that is conducted.

As per the calendar of the UPSC, the expected release of the notification for the UPSC Civil Service Examination is to be on February 1, 2023. Aspirants can apply for the IAS/IPS 2023 once the notification is out and they should do so before the last date which would be February 21, 2023.

The Prelim test for the Civil Service Examination along with the Indian Forest Examination is to be conducted on May 28, 2023. This will be conducted as a common exam and will be an objective exam comprising 2 papers.

How To Preparing For the Exams of UPSC 2023

With 5 simple steps, the preparations for this exam are possible. This full-proof strategy can help many candidates in getting through this exam.

Step1: Get to know your exam well

Before starting your preparation for the exam it is best to know all the components that will be a part of this journey. Begin from the notification published by the UPSC and get familiarised with the exam syllabus, exam pattern, exam timeline, and eligibility criteria. Going through the previous years’ papers will help with the understanding of the paper pattern and possible questions can be asked.

Time management also plays an important role in the preparation for the exam. Especially when it comes to how much time is spent on each question or the whole paper in general. It is also best to go through the newspapers as they bring the latest news regarding the UPSC exams. It can also tell things like the possible changes that might have been made for the coming exams.

Step 2: Nourishing foundations

Books and notes are what help students to understand the subjects much better. It is best to choose the right study material that has also been made possible by the NCERT. On the official website of the NCERT, there is everything a student needs to gain what is necessary for the preparation for their exams.

 It has all the list of books and notes compiled for any exam one may be looking for. Such things from the NCERT can be downloaded for free.

When it comes to making notes make sure to go through the lines from the books and information available twice to create a better understanding.

Step 3: Getting ware of the new versions and editions of the course books

Once the booklist has been acquired it is best to make sure that the books that are to be studied are available in their latest versions. Again read twice before making hand-written notes. 

Handwritten notes will be good practice for the answer-writing question. Help from video lectures available on the net and YouTube can also be useful.

Step 4: Answer writing and revision

Practice makes the man perfect. For the UPSC exam, it is best to practise answer writing as discussed before time managing is everything. Also, it is best to revise the course repeatedly. 

An effective way of doing it is doing answer writing practice during the weekdays and revising the course on weekends.

Step 5: Mock-test based learning approach

It is best to test yourself before actually going for the exam. About 2 months before going for the exam, set up an early exam or a mock exam for yourself. 

Create an exam room environment and test your performance. If there are still mistakes try overcoming them and keep redoing this until satisfaction has reached.

Is Coaching Necessary?

To be honest it will save a lot of time though. However, it is also best to choose an experienced tutor. Tutors who are dedicated to their job and their years of experience pay off. This will help many candidates to stay focused and improve no matter what academic background they come from. Setting up mock exams also becomes easy.

Nowadays there are many facilities like online classes and almost everything is available on the internet and is just a click away. Academies like Legacy IAS academy are a great choice to opt if you’re planning for coaching. Try availing those as it is more approachable.


Practice is what makes a difference in exams like upsc. Make sure that you revise everything and practice very well for the exams. Let’s hope the above-mentioned information is enough for the preparation for any individual that comes across this article. In the end, we wish you the best of luck. 

December 2023