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How to Read NCERT Books for UPSC Exam

Importance of NCERT books:

NCERT books are considered as real foundation in Civil Service Exam preparation. Many of the UPSC aspirants end up choosing the wrong book materials which may even lead them to failure. These NCERT books focus on fundamentals to help the students clear the basic concepts which are necessary to read further advance books.

NCERT books if studied meticulously can clear all the doubts giving you a thorough understanding about complex topics and subjects even. That’s why NCERT books are considered ideal in Civil Service Exam preparation for beginners.

Which are NCERT books need to read?

GS Paper-1 (Indian Heritage and Culture, History, and Geography of the World and Society)

ClassNCERT TitleDownload Link
Class XIAn Introduction to Indian ArtDownload here
Class XILiving Craft Traditions of India (Chapters 9 & 10)Download here

NCERT Books for Indian History

ClassNCERT TitleDownload Link
Class VIOur PastDownload here
Class VIIOur Past – IDownload here
Class VIIIOur Past – II and IIIDownload here
Class IXIndia and the Contemporary World IDownload here
Class XIndia and the Contemporary World IIDownload here
Class XIThemes In World HistoryDownload here
Class XIIThemes In Indian History IDownload here
Class XIIThemes In Indian History IIDownload here
Class XIIThemes In Indian History IIIDownload here

NCERT Books for Geography

ClassNCERT TitleDownload Link
Class VIThe Earth Our HabitatDownload here
Class VIIOur EnvironmentDownload here
Class VIIIResource and DevelopmentDownload here
Class IXContemporary India IDownload here
Class XContemporary India IIDownload here
Class XIFundamentals of Physical GeographyDownload here
Class XIIndia Physical EnvironmentDownload here
Class XIIFundamentals of Human GeographyDownload here
Class XIIIndia People and EconomyDownload here

NCERT Books on Indian Society

ClassNCERT TitleDownload Link
Class XISociology: Understanding SocietyDownload here
Class XIIIndian SocietyDownload here
Class XIISocial Change and Development in IndiaDownload here

GS Paper 2 (Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International relations)

ClassNCERT TitleDownload link
Class IXPolitical Science: Democratic Politics Part IDownload here
Class XPolitical Science: Democratic Politics Part IIDownload here
Class XIPolitical Science: Indian Constitution at WorkDownload here
Class XIPolitical Science: Political TheoryDownload here
Class XIIPolitical Science I: Contemporary World PoliticsDownload here
Class XIIPolitical Science II: Politics in India Since IndependenceDownload here

GS Paper 3 (Technology, Economic Development, Biodiversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management)

ClassNCERT TitleDownload Link
Class VIScienceDownload here
Class VIIScienceDownload here
Class VIIIScienceDownload here
Class IXScienceDownload here
Class XScienceDownload here
Class XIChemistry: Unit 14 & Biology: Units 4 & 5Download here
Class XIIChemistry: Unit 16 & Biology: Units 8, 9 & 10Download here

NCERT Books for Economic Development

ClassNCERT TitleDownload link
Class IXEconomicsDownload here
Class XUnderstanding Economic DevelopmentDownload here
Class XIIndian Economic DevelopmentDownload here
Class XIIIntroductory MicroeconomicsDownload here
Class XIIIntroductory MacroeconomicsDownload here

NCERT Books for Environment & Ecology 

ClassNCERT TitleDownload link
Class XIIBiology: last four Chapters (13 to 16)Download here

List of Old NCERT books for reference reading

1. Ancient India (Class XI) by RS Sharma 

2. Medieval India (Class IX) by Satish Chandra

3. Modern India (Class X) by Bipin Chandra

4. World History(Class X): The Story of Civilization by Arjun Dev

Stages of NCERT books reading:

Stage 1:

  1. Student needs to read book chapter-wise without underline or note making
  2. Just try to understand what the author is trying to convey.
  3. If you want to underline, then do with pencil only
  4. if any difficult terminology, the clear that at this stage and can write in brief there only with pencil

Stage 2:

  1. Again start reading from beginning chapter-wise
  2. Remove those underlines which were done unnecessary at stage 1
  3. Revise the concept again
  4. Try to interconnect with other topics/subjects/history or current affairs issue
  5. Solve previous years MCQs if asked from those chapters

Stage 3:

  1. This is final revision of covered chapters of stage 1 and stage 2
  2. Students can do highlight the important lines in this stage
  3. Notes can be written down on notebook
  4. Solve questions again to assess the progress

Final advice:

If you are still feeling difficulty, then you can go through the all three stages given above again. After this exercise, student needs to cover same topic/subject from other advance/reference materials to enhance the knowledge base. NCERT books alone are not the reliable source to clear Civil Service Exam. Students need to make proper strategy for UPSC preparation.

Remember, irrespective of how much you read, if you don’t write and practice writing, you won’t be able to reproduce your knowledge during the examination.  So solve as many as questions from test series or UPSC previous years questions.

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All the best and Thank you!

April 2024