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India – China Border disputes

The Sino-Indian border is generally divided into three sectors namely:

  1. The Western sector,
  2. The Middle sector, and
  3. The Eastern sector.
  1. The western sector: it is around 2152 km long. It is between Jammu and Kashmir and Xinjian province of China.
    1. Aksai chin: The Johnson’s line shows Aksai chin under India control while McDonald’s line shows it under China’s control.
  2. The middle sector: it is 625km long. It runs along the watershed from Ladakh to Nepal.
  3. The eastern sector: it is around 1140 km long. It was demarked by Henry Mc Mohan in 1913-14 under Shimla accord. China consider Mc Mohan line as illegal and unacceptable because during Shimla accord, Tibet was not a part of China.

-Source: The Hindu, Indian Express

June 2024