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Focus: GS-III Science and Technology

Why in news?

Air Unique-quality Monitoring (AUM)

  • The AUM system (patent pending) is an innovative application of the principles of laser backscattering, statistical mechanics, optoelectronics, artificial intelligence, machine/deep learning, and Internet of Things.
  • It can identify, classify, and quantify various pollutants simultaneously (of orders of less than one part per billion) and meteorological parameters, with very high precision, sensitivity and accuracy.
  • It has been found to be highly sensitive and accurate and capable of simultaneous detection and quantification of all air quality parameters and offers a number of merits over any of the currently available conventional systems.
  • It is portable, compact, low powered and economical, works on plug and play system, requires no setting uptime, and no additional civil infrastructure for housing.
  • This system can boost the nation’s efforts towards self-reliance in high-end technologies and can additionally be instrumental in supporting the endeavours in improving the nation’s health and economy.

Why was this necessary?

  • World Health Organisation (WHO)’s reports show that the worsening state of poor air quality is responsible for more than 7.5 million fatalities worldwide annually.
  • This highlights the necessity for accurate, yet cost-effective monitoring of air quality parameters as monitoring is critical to solution.
  • The current systems and technologies used for air quality monitoring are prohibitively expensive for wider deployment.
  • This underlines the need for development of systems for real-time remote monitoring of relevant air quality parameters.
July 2024