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Indonesia’s Palm Oil Crisis, and its Implications for India


The world’s largest producer and exporter of palm oil, Indonesia, is facing domestic shortages, leading to price controls and export curbs.


GS-II: Effect of Policies and Politics of Developed and Developing Countries on India’s interests, Indian Diaspora.

Dimensions of the Article

  • What is the Issue?
  • What is Palm Oil?
  • Plausible Factors
  • Impact on India

What is the issue?

  • It’s rare for any country that is the largest producer and exporter of a product to experience domestic shortages of the same product.
  • Consumers are unable to access or paying through the nose for a commodity in which their country is the preeminent producer and exporter.

What is Oil Palm?

  • Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarp of the fruit of the oil palms.
  • The oil is used in food manufacturing, in beauty products, and as biofuel.
  • Its palm oil production for 2021-22 (October-September) at 45.5 million tonnes (mt).
  • That’s almost 60% of the total global output and way ahead of the next bigger producer: Malaysia (18.7 mt).
  • It is also the world’s No. 1 exporter of the commodity, at 29 mt, followed by Malaysia (16.22 mt).

Plausible factors

Ongoing War

  • The possible reason has to do supply disruptions — manmade and natural — in other cooking oils, especially sunflower and soyabean.
  • Ukraine and Russia together account for nearly 80% of the global trade in sunflower oil, quite comparable to the 90% share of Indonesia and Malaysia in palm.
  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has resulted in port closures and exporters avoiding Black Sea shipping routes.
  • Sanctions against Russia have further curtailed trade in sunflower oil, the world’s third most exported vegetable oil after palm and soybean.

Diversion for Bio-Fuels

  • Another factor is linked to petroleum, more specifically the use of palm oil as a bio-fuel.
  • The Indonesian government has, since 2020, made 30% blending of diesel with palm oil mandatory as part of a plan to slash fossil fuel imports.
  • Palm oil getting increasingly diverted for bio-diesel is leaving less quantity available, both for the domestic cooking oil and export market.

Impact on India

  • India is the world’s biggest vegetable oils importer.
  • Out of its annual imports of 14-15 mt, the lion’s share is of palm oil (8-9 mt), followed by soyabean (3-3.5 mt) and sunflower (2.5).
  • Indonesia has been India’s top supplier of palm oil, though it was overtaken by Malaysia in 2021-22 (see above table).
  • The restrictions on exports, even in the form of levy, take into cognizance Indonesia’s higher population (27.5 crores, against Malaysia’s 3.25 crore) as well as its ambitious biofuel program.
  • To that extent, the world – more so, the bigger importer India – will have to get used to lower supplies from Indonesia.

Source – The Indian Express

March 2024