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ISRO’s Seven Mega Missions

The seven mega missions include:

  1. Chandrayaan-2.
  2. XPoSat (to study cosmic radiation in 2020) and Aditya-L1(to the Sun in 2021).
  3. Undefined Missions – which include missions which are still in planning stage namely Mangalyaan-2 (or Mars Orbiter Mission-2 in 2022), Lunar Polar Exploration (or Chandrayaan-3 in 2024), Venus mission (in 2023), Exoworlds (exploration outside the solar system in 2028).

About Xposat:

  • The X-ray Polarimeter Satellite (or Xposat), is ISRO’s dedicated mission to study polarization. It will be launched launch in year 2020.
  • It will be a five-year mission and will study cosmic radiation.
  • It will be carrying a payload named ‘polarimeter instrument in X-rays’ (POLIX) made by Raman Research Institute. POLIX will study degree and angle of polarisation of bright X-ray sources in energy range 5-30 keV.
  • The spacecraft will be placed in a circular 500-700km orbit.

Mission Venus

  • ISRO has opened for its ―Mission Venus‖ seeking experiment ideas from space agencies, universities and researchers.
  • It is planned to be launched in Mid-2023.
  • It plans to study the planet from an elliptical orbit that is closest to Venus at 500 km and 60,000 km at the farthest end.
  • It is currently being handled by the Space Science Programme Office.
  • If the project is approved would be ISRO‘s third interplanetary mission after Chandrayaan – 1 and Mars Orbiter Mission.
May 2024