Why in news?

An expert committee headed by former Chief Secretary K.M. Abraham has recommended a phased relaxation of the lockdown to contain COVID-19 for areas outside the seven hotspot districts in the State from April 15.

What the  Expert Committee said?

  • It should be borne in mind that the phased withdrawal is sustainable only if there is a steady recovery and decline in the number of cases leading to initial flattening of the infection curve and then gradual tapering of the curve to zero infection cases.
  • It has asked the government to advise the people that in the event of a resurgence, they should be ready and willing to undergo the rigours of a complete lockdown once again.
  • The committee has also come up with health-related and non-health-related objectives for the withdrawal strategy and steps for management of hotspots and vulnerable population.

3 Phase Restriction Explained:

Machine generated alternative text:Restrictions during 3 phases workers, patients • No gathering of more than 5 persons • No religious congregations • Attendance at marriages, funerals to be 10 Super markets, malls, cinemas, bars to remain closed Face mask compulsory for stepping out Ban on those above 65 with history of comorbidity from stepping out Govt. offces, banks may reopen with 50% attendance PHASE Identity card must, Odd-even travel purpose to be explained scheme for private vehicles No flights, train services Total clampdown on vehicle movement on Sunday No entry of any One person per house can go person from outside for 3 hours outside the State Hostels, residential facilities may be opened PHASE Domestic flights for essential passengers, doctors, health Autos, taxis may be allowed, but only one and three passengers respectively Bus travel for Activities under short distance MGNREGS, micro, within city or town small and medium with one person per seat enterprises begin Inter-district bus transport with two- thirds capacity IT companies to open partially Bevco may start online sale of liquor Entry into the No religious State, should congregations, large marriages, undergo political meetings, 14-day conferences quarantine Attendance at marriages and funerals to be 20 Workers at worksite 20 or 25% of staff strength, People may be permitted to walk for 30 minutes before 7.30 a.m. Universities, schools, colleges open for exams

Phase I relaxation

  • For qualifying for Phase 1 relaxation, there has to be not more than one new case in the district for the entire week prior to the date of review on April 14.
  • No increase more than 10% of the number of persons under home surveillance in the district and no hotspots of COVID-19 anywhere in the district as identified by the Health Department are the other criteria fixed.

Criteria for Phase II

  • A district will qualify for Phase II relaxation at the time of second review only if there is no more than one new case for the entire fortnight prior to the date of review.
  • Not more than a 5% increase in the number of persons under home surveillance from the date of the previous review and no infection hotspots are the additional criteria.

Phase III relaxation

  • A district will qualify for Phase III relaxation only if there is no new case of infection in that district for the fortnight prior to the date of review.
  • In addition, a decrease of more than 5% of the number of persons under home surveillance in the district from the date of the previous review and no hotspots anywhere in the district are needed.
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