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Key Highlight of Women 20 (W20) Summit

Focus: GS II: International Relations

Why in News?

Recently, as a part of India’s G20 Presidency, the Women 20 (W20) Summit with the theme ‘Women-Led Development- Transform, Thrive and Transcend’ held in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu.

Key Highlights of the W20 Summit:

  • Objective: The summit focused on celebrating the power of women empowerment and addressing key issues related to economic empowerment, trade and investment, and care economy.
  • Breaking Barriers: Discussions were held on breaking invisible barriers and biases that hinder women from reaching higher positions and leadership roles in various fields.
  • Government Initiatives: Government initiatives such as Self Help Groups (SHGs), PM Mudra Scheme, and GeM portal were highlighted as ways to provide women access to markets and finance.
  • Gender Disparities: The summit shed light on gender disparities in economic participation, emphasizing the inequalities women face in accessing economic opportunities, including financial resources, markets, and trade networks.
  • Systemic Barriers: Participants discussed systemic barriers that hinder women’s economic empowerment, such as limited access to credit, restricted property rights, and discriminatory practices.
  • Celebration of Empowerment: The summit witnessed the celebration of strength, resilience, and progress in women’s empowerment, showcasing success stories and achievements in various fields.

About W20:

  • W20 is an official engagement group under the G20, established in 2015.
  • It focuses on gender equity and women’s empowerment.
  • The group aims to mainstream gender considerations into G20 discussions and translate them into policies and commitments.
  • W20 influences the G20 agenda and promotes gender-sensitive approaches to global challenges.
  • W20’s priorities include women’s entrepreneurship, grassroots women leadership, bridging the gender digital divide, education and skill development, and climate change.
  • W20 comprises a transnational network of delegates.
  • Delegates represent non-government women’s organizations, civil society, female entrepreneurs, businesses, and think tanks.
  • The network spans across G20 member states.
W20 India Presidency:
  • W20 India assumed the presidency from W20 Indonesia on December 12, 2022.
  • As the current presidency, W20 India leads the efforts to advance gender equity and women’s empowerment within the G20 framework.

December 2023