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Focus: GS-III Science and technology

Why in news?

Under the Digital India initiative of Government of India, Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) aims to develop a World-Class Knowledge Resource Centre Network (KRCNet).

Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) launched the mobile App “Mausam” for India Meteorological Department.


KRCNet Portal

  • The traditional libraries of the MoES system will be upgraded into a top-notch Knowledge Resource Centres (KRC).
  • KRCs will be connected with each other and integrated into the KRCNet portal.
  • It will be a single point entry to the intellectual world of MoES and the resources and services of MoES system will be accessible 24X7 through a one-point dynamic, updated and integrated KRCNet portal.

Objectives of KCRNet are:

  • To establish Total Quality Management (TQM) system by securing ISO certification for documenting MoES knowledge resources, its maintenance, easy retrieval and dissemination.
  • To collect, collate, analyze, index, store and disseminate the intellectual resources, products and project outputs available in MoES headquarter and its institutes.
  • To develop and maintain an up-to-date meta-data of the print & digital resources available in MoES headquarter and MoES institutes, including MoES services.
  • To provide 24X7 access to the subscribed knowledge contents through the KRCNet portal.

Mobile App “Mausam”

  • The mobile app ‘Mausam’ is dedicated to the general public and designed to communicate the weather information and forecasts in a lucid manner without technical jargons.
  • Users can access observed weather, forecasts, radar images and be proactively warned of impending weather events.
  • The Mausam mobile app will be an important tool for dissemination of weather information and warnings in an attractive and user friendly manner which will meet the requirements of public.

The App provides the following 5 services:

  1. Current Weather – Current temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction along with Sunrise/ sunset and moonrise/ moonset information.
  2. Nowcast – Warnings of localized weather phenomena and their intensity issued by State Meteorological Centres of IMD.
  3. City Forecast – Past 24 hours and 7 day forecast of weather conditions.
  4. Warnings – Alerts issued for the next five days in colour code (Red, Orange and Yellow) to warn citizens of approaching dangerous weather.
  5. Radar products – Latest Station wise radar products.
December 2023