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Mission LiFE (Lifestyle For Environment)


Prime Minister, in the presence of U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, launched ‘Mission LiFE’ (Lifestyle For Environment), a new initiative for sustainable and healthy lifestyle at the Statue of Unity in Gujarat.


GS III: Environment and Ecology

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. Details
  2. About LiFE-Movement
  3. Vision and Mission of LiFE
  4. What can be done to fulfil the vision of LiFE?


  • “LIFE – Lifestyle for the Environment”, PM Modi had proposed the one-word mass movement “LIFE” at the 26th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change at Glasgow last November.
  • “LIFE”, a global initiative launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will be the theme of the India pavilion at the upcoming COP27 at Sharm-El-Sheikh in Egypt.

About LiFE-Movement

The idea promotes an environmentally conscious lifestyle that focuses on ‘mindful and deliberate utilisation’ instead of ‘mindless and wasteful consumption’.

Aim of LiFE: 
  • The LiFE Movement aims to utilise the power of collective action and nudge individuals across the world to undertake simple climate-friendly actions in their daily lives.
  • The LiFE movement, additionally, also seeks to leverage the strength of social networks to influence social norms surrounding climate.
Pro-Planet People:
  • The Mission plans to create and nurture a global network of individuals, namely ‘Pro-Planet People’ (P3), who will have a shared commitment to adopt and promote environmentally friendly lifestyles.
  • Through the P3 community, the Mission seeks to create an ecosystem that will reinforce and enable environmentally friendly behaviours to be self-sustainable.
  • LIFE recognizes that small individual actions can tip the balance in the planet’s favour.

Vision and Mission of LiFE:

Vision of LIFE: 

The vision of ‘LIFE’ is to live a lifestyle that is in tune with our planet and does not harm it The people who live such a lifestyle can be called “Pro-Planet people.”

Mission liFE for India: 

Mission LiFE borrows from the past, operates in the present and focuses on the future. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the concepts woven into our life. The Circular Economy has been an integral part of our culture and lifestyle.

What can be done to fulfil the vision of LiFE?

Fostering a sense of personal accountability beginning at home:

  • This spirit is embodied in behaviours like saving energy at home,
  • Cycling and taking public transportation instead of driving, which are mindful choices fostered by LIFE.
  • Consuming more plant-based foods while reducing waste;
  • Using our influence as consumers and workers to demand climate-friendly products.

Utilizing nudging strategies to promote constructive behaviour

  • By using “nudges,” or gentle persuasion strategies to encourage positive behaviour, many of LIFE’s objectives can be met.
  • The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) uses tried-and-true nudging strategies, such serving smaller plates in cafeterias to discourage food waste;
  • Boosting recycling by enhancing the aesthetics of bin lids;

Changing to more environmentally friendly consumption patterns:

  • The UNEP estimates that household consumption and lifestyles are responsible for more than two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Only the widespread adoption of environmentally friendly consumer practises will result in the urgent reductions in global emissions we need.

-Source: The Hindu

December 2023