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Monsoon revival sees rise in extreme rainfall events


Rainfall amid the monsoon’s revival since mid-July 2021 has seen significant variation across the country.


GS-I: Geography (Climatology, Important geophysical phenomena), GS-III: Environment and Ecology (Climate Change and its Impact)

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. Monsoon in India
  2. Recent extreme rainfall events
  3. Cause of Extreme Rainfall Events

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Recent extreme rainfall events

  • Several parts of the western Konkan coast and the southern peninsula were seeing instances of extreme rainfall with the ‘Southern Peninsula’ region seeing almost 30% more rain than normal during the June-July period.
  • Recently, Mahabaleshwar in western Maharashtra reported over 60cm of rainfall in just one day which “exceeded its all-time record” according to the IMD.
  • Rainfall, the IMD said the torrential rains over the Konkan coast was likely to continue for the rest of the week due to the position of the monsoon trough.
  • July and August are the most important monsoon months contributing over two-third of the seasonal rainfall and central India as well as the south Peninsula are expected to see most of the rainfall during this interim.
  • However, climate scientists have warned that monsoon patterns, overall have been changing.

Cause of Extreme Rainfall Events

  • The frequency and strength of cyclones over the Arabian Sea has increased in the last two decades.
  • There is a 52% increase in the frequency of cyclones over Arabian Sea from 2001-2019 and 8% decrease over Bay of Bengal compared to 1982-2002, when historically most cyclones have been in Bay of Bengal, according to a study
  • Even the duration of these cyclones has increased by 80%. More cyclones were bringing in more moisture from the Arabian Sea and contributing to extreme rainfall events.

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-Source: The Hindu

December 2023