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National Internet Exchange of India

Focus: GS III- Science and Technology

Why in News?

Two new Internet Exchange points (IXP) of NIXI were inaugurated at Durgapur and Bardhman.

About NIXI

  • The National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) is a non-profit company incorporated under Section 25 of the India Companies Act, 1956 (now section 8 under Companies Act 2013) with an objective of facilitating improved internet services in the country.
  • It was registered on 19 June 2003.
  • Its Primary purpose is to facilitate exchange of domestic Internet traffic between the peering Internet service provider (ISP), Content players and any other organizations with their own Autonomous system (AS) number.
  • This enables more efficient use of international bandwidth, saving foreign exchange and also improves the Quality of Services (QoS) for Internet users by avoiding multiple international hops and thus reducing latency.
  • NIXI is managed and operated on a neutral basis and currently has eight operational NOC located in Delhi (Noida), Mumbai (Vashi), Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Guwahati .
  • NIXI is India’s First and Only Neutral Internet Exchange
  • Since 2005, NIXI has also created INRegistry (.in domain) as its autonomous body for maintenance of .IN domain.
  • Since December 2012, NIXI also manages the National Internet Registry of the country delegation Internet Protocol addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) and Autonomous System numbers to its Affiliates.

Mission of NIXI

  • To Promote Internet.
  • To set up, when needed, in select location(s)/parts/regions of India Internet Exchanges/Peering Points.
  • To enable effective and efficient routing, peering, transit and exchange of the Internet traffic within India.
  • To continuously work for enhancing and improving the quality of Internet and Broadband services.
  • Set up Internet Domain Name Operations and related activities.


  • The launch of these new NIXI internet exchanges will contribute to the enhancement and improvement of Internet and Broadband services at local level and in neighbouring regions.
  • The internet service providers connecting at these points will benefit as their broadband services to their end users will improve, bringing about a change in the lives of the people of the region.
  • It will benefit every sector of the state ranging from health, education, agriculture, startup, and ecosystem to MSMEs & other business verticals.
  • Accessibility and convenience will increase for citizens in terms of availing government benefits and improving quality of life.

June 2024