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Why in news?

The National Technology Day is celebrated on May 11.

Technology Development Board (TDB) is organising a conference titled “RESTART” on National Technology Day 2020.

National Technology Day

  • TDB, on behalf of the Ministry of Science & Technology, celebrates May 11 every year as National Technology Day to commemorate achievements of innovations and technological excellence in the country.
  • The day has a historical perspective as it was on May 11, 1998, that India achieved a major technological breakthrough by successfully carrying out nuclear tests at Pokhran.
  • Further, the first indigenous aircraft “Hansa-3” was test flown at Bangalore on this day; and India also performed successful test firing of the Trishul missile on the same day.
  • Since 1999, the day is being celebrated as National Technology Day.
  • The celebration of Technology Day symbolizes India’s quest for scientific inquiry, technological creativity & innovations, and the integration of these developments into national socio-economic benefits and global presence.

National Technology Day 2020

  • TDB is celebrating National Technology Day 2020, focusing on technological solutions towards that end.
  • These technologies would include, medical technologies, advanced technologies and manufacturing that would prepare India for the post COVID-19 time.

‘RESTART’ Conference

  • A high-level digital conference on ‘Rebooting the Economy through Science, Technology and Research Translations titled RESTART’ is being organised by TDB.
  • The conference will have technical sessions on ‘Medicines & Medical Technologies’; ‘Advanced Materials – New Technology Horizons’; ‘Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for Sustainable Future and Global Innovation’& Technology Alliance for Global Economic Leadership.
  • The conference will bring together Scientists, Technocrats, Government officials, Diplomats, WHO officials and dignitaries from national and international Industry, Research Institutions and Academic Institutions on a single platform to share their insights on the role played by S & T in the global healthcare crisis and find solutions that not only address the current pandemic but will also help us in facing the challenges ahead.

Technology Development Board (TDB)

  • Technology Development Board (TDB) is a statutory body.
  • TDB was established by Technology Development Board Act, 1995.
  • It was formed to promote development and commercialization of indigenous technology and adaptation of imported technology for much wider application.
  • It is a body of the Department of Science & Technology (DST) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).
  • The Board plays a pro-active role by encouraging enterprises to take up technology-oriented products.
  • The board provides equity capital or loans to industrial concerns and financial assistance to research and development institutions.

Extra Information: GITA

  • In order to stimulate private sector’s investment in R&D, TDB established Global Innovation & Technology Alliance (GITA) as a Section 25 company in a joint venture between Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and TDB.
  • The GITA will assist Department of Science & Technology (DST) in implementing industrial research and development programme with different countries under bilateral and multilateral science and technology cooperation agreements.
  • In these country-specific programmes, if one industry from India and one industry from another country proposed jointly to do R&D for developing a marketable product, both the governments will provide financial support up to 50% of project cost to their respective industries.
  • The GITA has been envisaged as an industry-driven body for supporting competitive innovation clusters which in future can be entrusted with administering of Innovation Fund under a PPP model, IP acquisition by the government for non-exclusive licensing for public and social good, sectors of R&D and promotion of innovation culture in centres of excellence.

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