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Network Readiness Index 2022

Focus: Facts for prelims

Why in News?

India climbs up six slots and now placed at 61st rank as per Network Readiness Index 2022.

About Network Readiness Index:

  • The report has been prepared by the Portulans Institute, an independent non-profit, nonpartisan research and educational institute based in Washington DC.
  • In its latest version of 2022, the NRI Report maps the network-based readiness landscape of 131 economies based on their performances in four different pillars: Technology, People, Governance, and Impact covering a total of 58 variables.

India’s status –

  • India has not only improved its ranking, but also improved its score from 49.74 in 2021 to 51.19 in 2022.
  • It is noteworthy that India leads in several indicators —
  • India secured 1st rank in “AI talent concentration”
  • 2nd rank in “Mobile broadband internet traffic within the country” and “International Internet bandwidth”
  • 3rd rank in “Annual investment in telecommunication services” and “Domestic market size”
  • 4th rank in “ICT Services exports”.
  • NRI-2022 report states that India has a greater network readiness than would be expected given its income level.
  • India is ranked 3rd out of 36 in the group of lower-middle-income countries after Ukraine (50) and Indonesia (59). India has a score higher than the income group average in all pillars and sub-pillars.

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