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Notable Missile Systems in India and their details

MissileType Range
Astraair-to-air 80 km
Trishulsurface-to-air 9 km
Akash  30 km
Prithvi Air Defence (PAD)  2000 km
Nagsurface-to-surface Anti-tank missile 4 km
Prahaarsurface-to-surfaceSRBM150 km
BrahMosland, naval, airSupersonic Cruise Missile300 km
Nirbhayland, naval, airSubsonic Cruise Missile1000 km
K-15 Sagarikaunderwater-to-surfaceSLBM700 km
Dhanushsea-to-sea/surfaceSRBM350 km

SLBM: Sub-marine launched ballistic missile

AstraAstra is a beyond-visual-range (BVR) air-to-air missile (AAM).In terms of size and weight, the Astra is the smallest missile developed by the DRDO.It was envisaged to intercept and destroy enemy aircraft at supersonic speeds.
TrishulUsed as anti-sea skimmer (to fly low to avoid radar) from ships against low-flying attacks.
AkashIt has the capability to “neutralize aerial targets like fighter jets, cruise missiles and air-to-surface missiles” as well as ballistic missiles.
PADAnti-ballistic missile developed to intercept incoming ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere (exo-atmospheric).
Nag3rd generation anti-tank ‘fire and forget’ guided missile (lock-on before launch system) where the target is identified and designated before the weapon is launched.
PrahaarHigh manoeuvrability.Primarily a battlefield support system for the Army.
BrahMosIt is a supersonic cruise missile developed as a joint venture between Indian and Russia.It is the fastest supersonic cruise missile in the world.It is the world’s fastest anti-ship cruise missile in operation.
NirbhaySubsonic missile which is ancillary (providing necessary support) to the BrahMos range.
K-15 SagarikaIt forms the crucial third leg of India’s nuclear deterrent vis-à-vis its submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) capability.It was subsequently integrated with India’s nuclear-powered Arihant class submarine.
DhanushIt is capable of carrying nuclear warheads.It carries forward the legacy of the K-15 Sagarika.
ShauryaSurface-to-surface ballistic missile (SSM) variant of the K-15 Sagarika.The nuclear capability of the missile enhances India’s second-strike capability.It reduces the dependence on the K-15 which was built with Russian assistance.
December 2023