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PIB Summaries 17 January 2023


  1. Doppler Weather Radar
  2. Thiruvalluvar
  3. Exercise Varuna

Doppler Weather Radar

Focus: GS III: Science and technology

Why in News?

Recently on the occasion of the 148th Foundation Day of India, the Meteorological Department (IMD) Union Minister of Earth science said the entire Country will be covered by Doppler Weather Radar Network by 2025.

Radar Basics

  • Radars emit a beam of energy, called radio waves, from an antenna.
  • When these waves strike objects in the atmosphere, some of the energy is reflected back to the radar.
Doppler Radar
  • A Doppler radar is a specialized type of radar that uses the Doppler effect to measure the velocity of objects at a distance.
  • It can provide information about the movement and position of targets, and is commonly used to observe rainfall, cloud formations, thunderstorms, and lightning in real-time.
Doppler Effect
  • It was first described (1842) by Austrian physicist Christian Doppler.
  • It is the apparent difference between the frequencyat which sound or light waves leave a source and that at which they reach an observer, caused by the relative motion of the observer and the wave source.


Focus: GS I- History, Facts for prelims

Why in News?

The Prime Minister of India paid tributes to the Tamil poet and philosopher Thiruvalluvar on Thiruvalluvar Day.

About Thiruvalluvar:

  • Thiruvalluvar is fondly referred to as Valluvar by Tamils was born during 4th -5th century CE.
  • In the present time, Thiruvalluvar Day is usually observed either on 15th or 16th January in Tamil Nadu and is a part of Pongal celebrations.
  • The period when he lived is debated, as is his religious identity.
  • He is thought to be linked to Jainism. However, Hindus have also claimed that Thiruvalluvar belonged to hinduism.
  • It holds importance in the same way the Bhagavad Gita or the Ramayana are in traditional North Indian Hindu households.
  • Thiruvalluvar is revered as an ancient saint, poet, and a philosopher by Tamils, irrespective of their religion.
  • Dravidian groups also count him as a saint, as he dismissed the caste system.
  • He had contributed the Tirukkural or ‘Kural’ to the Sangam literature.
  • Tirukkural is comprised of 133 sections of 10 couplets each is divided into three books:
    • Aram (virtue),
    • Porul (government and society), and
    • Kamam (love).
  • The Tirukkural has been compared to the great books of the world’s major religions.

Exercise Varuna

Focus: GS III: Security challenegs

Why in News?

The 21st edition of the bilateral naval exercise between India and France, “Exercise Varuna,” began on January 16, 2023.

Exercise Details

  • The exercise is a hallmark of the India-France strategic bilateral relationship, having been initiated in 1993 and named “Varuna” in 2001.
  • It will include advanced air defense exercises, tactical maneuvers, surface firings, underway replenishment, and other maritime operations.
  • The goal is for units of both navies to hone their war-fighting skills, increase interoperability, and demonstrate the ability to promote peace, security, and stability in the region.
  • The exercise has grown in scope and complexity over the years, providing an opportunity for both navies to learn from each other’s best practices.
  • It facilitates operational level interaction between the two navies to foster mutual cooperation for good order at sea and underscores the shared commitment of both nations to security, safety, and freedom of the global maritime commons.

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