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PIB Summaries 21 December 2023

  1. Indian Science Congress
  2. SAMAR Air Defence Missile System


Lovely Professional University(LPU) withdrew from hosting 109th Indian Science Congress (ISC), raising concern about the event’s viability.


GS III: Science and Technology

About Indian Science Congress (ISC):

  • The theme of the 109th ISC is “The Global Perspective on Science and Technology for Sustainable Future”.
  • The Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) is the official body that organizes the event.
  • It will witness discussions on issues of sustainable development, women empowerment and the role of science & technology in achieving this.
  • The participants will discuss and deliberate on ways to increase the number of women in higher echelons of teaching, research and industry, along with trying to find ways to provide women with equal access to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education, research opportunities and economic participation.
  • A special programme to showcase the contribution of women in science and technology will also be held, which will also witness lectures by renowned women scientists. 
  • Several other programmes will also be organised alongside ISC.
  • Children’s Science Congress will also be organised to help stimulate scientific interest and temperament among children.
  • Farmer’s Science Congress will provide a platform to improve the bio-economy and attract youth to agriculture.
  • Tribal Science Congress will also be held, which will also be a platform for scientific display of indigenous ancient knowledge system and practice, along with focusing on the empowerment of tribal women.


The Indian Air Force (IAF) has successfully test fired the ‘SAMAR’ air defence missile system recently.


GS III: Defence

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. SAMAR Air Defence Missile System: Enhancing Aerial Protection
  2. Key Facts about Akash Missile (SAM) Defence System

SAMAR Air Defence Missile System: Enhancing Aerial Protection

  • Surface to Air Missile for Assured Retaliation (SAMAR) is a short-range air-defence system.
  • Developed by a unit under the IAF’s Maintenance Command.
  • Maximum range of 10–12 km.
  • Targets low-flying aerial threats.
  • Missile speed: 2 to 2.5 Mach.
SAMAR-1 System:
  • Utilizes the IAF’s shelf-life-expired Russian Vympel R-73E infrared-guided air-to-air missiles (AAMs) for the surface-to-air role.
  • Twin-turret launch platform launches two missiles in single and salvo modes.
  • Each launcher equipped with a visible electro-optic system.
  • Expected to replace ageing Pechora and OSA-AK systems, complementing Akash and SPYDER systems.

Key Facts about Akash Missile (SAM) Defence System:

  • Short-Range Surface-to-Air Missile (SRSAM) Defence System developed by DRDO.
  • Simultaneously engages multiple targets, including UAVs, fighter aircraft, cruise missiles, and missiles from helicopters.
  • Built-in Electronic Counter-Counter Measures (ECCM) features.
  • Configured for static or mobile platforms, providing flexible deployment.
  • Road and rail transportable, quick mobilisation and deployment.
  • Engages aerial targets up to a range of approximately 25 km.

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