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Pravaig Field Pack


A Bengaluru-based venture has produced a rugged tactical battery that it is now planning to sell to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) forces in Europe.


GS III- Science and Technology

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  1. Pravaig Field Pack
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Pravaig Field Pack

  • It’s a portable, heavy-duty power bank that weights 14 kg.
  • It’s especially useful for today’s digitally connected military and Special Forces personnel who have to work in high-risk areas while utilising gadgets that demand constant power.
  • India conceived, engineered, and manufactured these batteries.
  • A MacBook may be charged 60 times using the field pack.


  • This supply is a defining moment in India’s defence landscape, a turning point in the country’s high-tech defence industry’s transformation from users to developers, importers to exporters.
  • The field pack can be used to re-energize military personnel in the field and to install remote sensors.
  • A powerful tactical battery can be used to operate larger military equipment like drones, as well as assisting in the coordination of tactical operations involving several weapons systems.

-Source: The Hindu 

February 2024