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The Union Health Ministry said, on 30th April, that India is currently recording a total recovery rate of 25.19% up from 13% about two weeks ago.


Measuring the Spread of COVID 19 in India recovery Cases Number of Cases
  • Giving details on the percentage of deaths in various age groups, the Ministry said India has a case fatality rate of 3.2% currently which is 65% male and 35% female.
  • The Ministry added that analysis of doubling rate across the country has revealed that the national average is 11 days presently as compared to 3.4 days before lockdown.
  • The Ministry said no health facility should prescribe additional COVID-19 testing for non-COVID patients, causing unwanted delay in treatment for critical patients.
  • The Ministry reiterated that as of now there is no confirmed treatment protocol for COVID-19 and that Remdesivir is one protocol which is being examined.
  • However, the Ministry has issued a detailed advisory on the use of hydroxychloroquine as prophylaxis 19 and availability of HCQ is being ensured
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