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UPSC Civil Services Exam: How To Revise Prelims Exam Syllabus Within 4 Months

How To Revise Prelims Exam Syllabus Within 4 Months

How to Revise Prelims Exam Syllabus within 4 months
How to Revise Prelims Exam Syllabus within 4 months |

On June 5, the UPSC civil services prelims test 2022 will be held. With only four months to prepare for the exam, candidates must make the most of this time. They must go through the complete study material at least twice before the exam so that they can answer the questions swiftly and correctly within the two-hour time limit. Aspirants typically feel overwhelmed over the last few months due to pandemics.

A well-thought-out method can aid hopefuls in not only revising but also recalling concepts until exam day. Every student has their own method of studying, but only the most efficient strategy will allow an aspirant to pass the exam. Dedication and consistency are the most critical aspects of preparedness. As a result, no matter what, stick to your plans.

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Lets Get Started With The 4-Months Revision Plan

The most significant part of the prelims exam is current affairs. Newspapers assist in the extensive coverage of these topics. Reading a newspaper, on the other hand, might take a long time, thus selective reading is recommended at this point.

It is recommended that you do not read the newspaper for more than one hour. Pay special attention to the sections on national and international affairs, science and technology, and editorials.


Apart from newspapers and monthly compilations, online portals are also useful for keeping up with current events (Like Legacy IAS YouTube Channel and Daily Current Affairs Section).

It is advisable to read current affairs from the last 12 months at least for UPSC prelims. As a result, candidates should review their current affairs notes (if they have them) or consult internet notes for two hours each day.


The only thing about this exam that is predictable is the static syllabus. The syllabus, however, is wide, and revising each subject should be done in a systematic manner. Candidates should revise all subjects one month before exams if they have four months. To cover all of the areas, you need to create a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule.

It is proposed that a candidate should review six major areas over the course of 90 days (three months).

  • In 16 days, you’ll learn about Indian polity and governance,
  • 20 days about history, art, and culture,
  • 15 days about geography,
  • 10 days about economics,
  • 20 days about science and technology, and
  • 20 days about the environment and ecology.

However, the above-mentioned schedule is simply a guideline; candidates can adjust the number of days they want to devote to each subject depending on their preparation.


One of the best strategies to overcome test anxiety and have a better understanding of the prelims exam pattern is to solve sample papers. One aspect of UPSC test preparation is reading and learning, while another is answering questions based on those topics.

As a result, students should take as many practice tests as possible before the exam. It’s likely that you won’t do well in the first few days, but your score will improve over time. Candidates could also look at prior year’s exams to get a better understanding of the exam format. It can assist in determining the types of questions that can be posed in response to a certain topic.


What Should You Avoid Doing?

  • With only a few months until the exam, students should avoid using any new study materials or resources. Stick to the notes you’ve made and the NCERT textbooks.
  • Don’t doubt your strategy. It is critical for candidates to maintain consistency and confidence in their study plans.
  • Do not neglect your physical health, as long periods of sitting can be harmful to your health. Spend at least 30 minutes each day engaging in an outside activity or a hobby. This will aid in maintaining physical and mental health as well as breaking up the monotony of the intense preparation.

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