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Ropax Service

ROPAX Service from Bhaucha Dhakka to Mandwa

ROPAX service is a ‘Water Transport Service Project’, under Eastern Waterfront Development.

  • The benefits of this service include reduction in the travel time, vehicular emission and traffic on the road.
  • The road distance from Mumbai to Mandwa is about 110 kilometres, and gruelling road journey takes three to four hours, whereas by waterway it is about 18 kilometre and journey of just an hour.
  • ROPAX Vessel M2M -1 was built in Greece in September 2019.
  • This Vessel is highly maneuverable
  • It can carry 200 cars and 1000 passengers at a time and  has a ramp on both sides, hence cars can move in  and out of the vessel easily and reduce the turn- around time.
  • Thus, people can now travel in their cars directly on to ROPAX vessel. 
  • Vessel is capable of operating even in Monsoon season, which is a big boon to commuters from Alibag area/Goa.
  • This will also reduce fuel consumption and vehicular emission, a step towards reducing Carbon Footprint.
March 2024