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Sagar Maitri Mission-2

  • It is a unique initiative of DRDO which aligns with the objective of  “Safety And Growth for All in the Region (SAGAR)”.
  • Marine & Allied Interdisciplinary Training and Research Initiative(MAITRI) is the specific scientific component of DRDO.
  • It is to promote greater scientific interaction especially in ocean research among ‘Indian Ocean Rim’ (IOR) countries.
  • INS Sagardhwani, will embarks on a two-month long mission.
  • The mission commemorates the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of India’s lone research ship INS Kistna’s mission.
  • INS Sagardhwani will revisit the selected tracks of INS Kistna.
  • The prime objectives of the mission are,
  1. data collection from the entire North Indian Ocean,
  2. focussing on the the Andaman Sea and adjoining seas and
  3. establishing long-term collaboration with IOR countries in the field of ocean research and development.
  • It will promote closer co-operation in socio-economic aspects with IOR countries.
  • The IOR countries, includes Oman, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Myanmar.
June 2024