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Focus:  GS 1;The Freedom Struggle — its various stages and important contributors/contributions from different parts of the country.

Why in News?

PM Pays Tribute to Sir Chotu Ram Ji on His Birth Anniversary

About Sir Chotu Ram Ji

  • Sir Chhotu Ram was a prominent politician in British India’s Punjab Province, an ideologue of the peasants of pre-Independent India.
  • He championed the interest of oppressed peasants of the Indian Sub-continent.
  • He tried to create a non-sectarian peasant group consciousness.
  • He formed the Unionist Party (Zamindara League) in 1923, which was a cross-communal alliance of Hindu, Jats and Muslim agriculturists.
  • He was awarded the title of ‘Rao Bahadur’ and was accorded knighthood in 1937.
  • He popularly came to be known as Deen Bandhu.
Sir Chhotu Ram 
Sir Chhotu Ram on a legs stamp of India 
24 November 1881 
Garhi Sampla-KiIoi (Vidhan 
Sabha constituency), Rohtak, 
Punjab, British India 
9 January 1945 (aged 63) 
Lahore, Punjab. British India 
Alma mater University of Delhi 
c IV te 
For the honesty of Social work, 
he was given the title of the Sir. 
Unionist Party 
Giano Devi 
Bir nder Singh (grandson) 
iåahe%der Singh Ohlian 
to SettinßGreat
  • He was the Alumni of St. Stephens College, Delhi.
  • He was the founder of National Unionist Party.
  • Sir Chhotu Ram rose to become Revenue Minister of undivided Punjab and was instrumental in empowering farmers in pre-Independence era and getting pro-farmers law enacted.
  • The modern concepts like debt settlement boards, caps on interest, the basic fairness to the tiller were included in these 1930s laws.
  • He is called as The father of Bhakra Nangal Dam.
  • He conceived of the Bhakra Dam way back in 1923,to rid the farmers of the so called economic plague spots of erstwhile Punjab state.
  • As a member of the pre-Partition Punjab Legislative Council, his first major achievement was the passage of the Punjab Land Revenue (Amendment) Act, 1929, which remains a landmark social legislation till date.
  • He was also the originator of the concept of compensating the farmer for at least the expenses incurred by him on farming.
  • Sir Chhotu Ram emerged as country’s first big agrarian reformer who stood up and fought for the rights of agriculturists.
  • He used to recite the following lines of the poet Iqbal quite often: “Raise thyself to such a height that God may himself ask you what do you wish to achieve”.
December 2023