Summary of some of the space launches scheduled for 2020

NASA Mars Rover

  • Atlas v rocket will be the vehicle in July 2020
  • Planning to land in Jezero crater of Mars
  • This can collect rocks, soil samples and store them in a cache
  • Also understanding that whether the earlier environment were conducive to life forms
  • Identifying possibility to test oxygen production

ESA Solar Orbiter

  • From Kennedy space center in Florida in February 2020
  • High resolution studies of Sun and inner heliosphere
  • It will cover 1/5th of distance between sun and earth
  • 2nd mission after parker solar probe of 2018
  • It will have to face 13 times more intense heat than on the surface

ISRO Aditya L1

  • To study the sun’s corona
  • Will be inserted into a halo orbit around the langarian point L1
  • Primary load will be a coronagraph
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