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SpaceTech Innovation Network (SpIN)


The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has signed a MoU with Social Alpha, a multistage innovation curation and venture development platform, to launch SpaceTech Innovation Network (SpIN).


GS III: Science and Technology

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. SpaceTech Innovation Network (SpIN)
  2. Innovation Challenge:

SpaceTech Innovation Network (SpIN)

  • SpIN is India’s first dedicated platform for innovation, curation, and venture development for the burgeoning space entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • SpIN will primarily focus on facilitating space tech entrepreneurs in three distinct innovation categories:
    • Geospatial Technologies and Downstream Applications;
    • Enabling Technologies for Space & Mobility; and
    • Aerospace Materials, Sensors, and Avionics.
Innovation Challenge:
  • SpIN has launched its first innovation challenge for developing solutions in areas of maritime and land transportation, urbanization, mapping, and surveying.
  • The selected start-ups and innovators will be able to access both Social Alpha’s and ISRO’s infrastructure and resources as per the prevailing guidelines.
  • They will be provided active hand-holding in critical areas, including access to product design, testing and validation infrastructure, and intellectual property management.

April 2024