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Why in news?

Sri Lanka on 27th February formally notified the UN Human Right Council that it was withdrawing from the UN resolution on post-war accountability and reconciliation –  statement at the High-Level Segment at the ongoing UNHRC session.

History of Sri Lanka’s UNHRC Resolution

  • In 2015, six years after Sri Lanka’s bloody civil war ended, the UNHRC adopted a consensus resolution, asking Colombo to probe allegations of large-scale rights abuses.
  • The resolution, which Sri Lanka co-sponsored, was at that time widely seen as a bold commitment to Sri Lankans and the international community.
  • Amid Tamil leaders’ growing concern over the pace at which Colombo implemented the resolution, Sri Lanka in 2017 sought an extension for two more years to fulfil its commitments.
  • In 2019 the Council approved giving another two years for Sri Lanka to take forward a credible probe into the alleged rights violations.

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