Why in news?

  • The Representatives of 12 employers’ associations and industry bodies on 9th May asked the government to suspend labour laws for the next two to three years to help industry come out of the present crisis.
  • The Labour and Employment Ministry will handle by being sympathetic to the requirements of the industry and would try to provide all possible help for revival of industry and reopening of the economy.
  • This discussion comes in the wake of some State governments amending labour laws or suspending them altogether.

Highlights of the Suggestions and Conclusion

Among the suggestions given by the employers’ associations were relaxation of the Industrial Disputes Act in order to:

  1. treat the lockdown period as lay-off,
  2. treating wages paid during this period as corporate social responsibility (CSR) funding,
  3. increasing the maximum workforce to 50% from 33% upon reopening and suspending labour laws, except those governing minimum wages, bonus and statutory dues for two to three years.
  • The employers’ representatives also said working hours should be increased to 12 hours a day and the industries be given an appropriate package to ensure no job losses.
  • Concluding the discussions, the Labour Secretary, welcomed the suggestions given by the representatives of the employers’ organisations.
  • The focus should now be on reviving the industry and opening of economy, to fully revive the economic activities and employment opportunities.
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