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Union Cabinet Approval for India-Italy Migration and Mobility Agreement


Recently, the Union Cabinet granted ex-post facto approval to the Migration and Mobility Agreement between India and Italy.


GS II: International Relations

India-Italy Migration and Mobility Agreement: Key Points

Objective and Cooperation:

  • The agreement aims to enhance cooperation on issues related to irregular migration while strengthening people-to-people ties between India and Italy.

Facilitation of Mobility:

  • The agreement facilitates mobility for various segments, including students, skilled workers, businesspersons, and young professionals, promoting exchange and collaboration.

Temporary Residence for Indian Students:

  • Graduates seeking professional exposure in Italy after academic or vocational training can obtain temporary residency for up to 12 months.

Reserved Quotas for Workers:

  • The agreement outlines quotas for both non-seasonal and seasonal Indian workers. A reserved quota range is specified for the years 2023-2025 under Italy’s existing Flows Decree, which sets the maximum number of non-EU citizens allowed to enter Italy for work and self-employment.

Duration and Renewal:

  • The agreement is valid for 5 years, with automatic renewal unless terminated.

Joint Working Group (JWG):

  • A Joint Working Group (JWG) will oversee the implementation of the agreement, convening periodically to assess progress and propose supportive measures for effective execution.

February 2024