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Viologen-Unit Grafted Organic-Framework (iVOFm)


In order to tackle the problem of water contamination and enhance access to clean and drinkable water, the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune has introduced a macro/microporous ionic organic framework – iVOFm – to clean polluted water.


Facts for Prelims

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  1. Viologen-unit grafted organic-framework (iVOFm)
  2. Ion-Exchange Technique

Viologen-unit grafted organic-framework (iVOFm)

  • iVOFm is a molecular sponge-like material that can clean polluted water by soaking up contaminants.
  • There are carcinogenic pollutants in freshwater sources that are removed using sorbent materials and ion-exchange techniques, but these techniques are not effective enough. iVOFm aims to improve this.
  • It uses a combination of electrostatics-driven ion-exchange and specific binding sites for targeted pollutants.
  • It has a cationic nature and large pores, allowing for fast diffusion of pollutants.
  • It is selective towards toxic pollutants and can be reused like a bath sponge.
Ion-Exchange Technique
  • Ion-Exchange (IX) is a process of purifying water by replacing dissolved impurity ions with hydrogen and hydroxyl ions.
  • Water softeners are similar to IX systems in that they can remove magnesium and calcium ions from water.

-Source: The Hindu


December 2023