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What is Bharat Pravah?


Recently, the Ministry of Shipping, Waterways, and Ports has launched ‘Bharat Pravah-India along its Shores’, an initiative to highlight the significance and imagery of rivers, ports, and shipping in everyday life through a series of nationwide events.


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Dimensions of the Article:

  1. What is Bharat Pravah?
  2. Important Points related to Ports in India

What is Bharat Pravah?

  • Bharat Pravah is a platform that brings together diverse stakeholders to develop a comprehensive vision for shipping, rivers, seas, and the people who rely on them.
  • It aims to address challenges and policy issues, and establish future goals for the maritime sector.
  • Rivers and Sea-Centric Development in India- the Historical lens.
  • Sea, River, Ports and Ship in Folk Culture and Literature.
  • Representation of Ports and Shipping in Popular Culture.
  • Role of Shipping and Ports in India’s Development in the last 30 years.
  • The Politics and Economy of Privatisation of Ports.
  • Inland Waterways – Arteries of Growth, their Role and Significance.
  • Greening Ports and Shipping Industry.
  • Future of Ports and Shipping Industry- Management, Challenges and Policies.

Important Points related to Ports in India

  • The Indian government is working towards developing all ports into mega ports by 2047. Currently, a majority of India’s transshipment cargo is handled at ports outside of the country, with Colombo, Singapore, and Klang handling over 85% of this cargo.
  • However, there are challenges in building these mega ports, including digitization and environmental concerns.
  • Additionally, India’s containerization rate is lower compared to other developing countries, but progress is being made in this area.
  • India’s participation in global trade is limited, with a 2% share, and a low ranking of 44 on the logistics performance index, due to inadequate infrastructure and lack of proce

December 2023