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What is Rhododendron?


Recently, the Botanical Survey of India has published a new report titled ‘Rhododendrons of Sikkim and Darjeeling Himalaya- An Illustrated Account’, which lists 45 taxa of rhododendrons.


Facts for Prelims

What is Rhododendron?

  • Rhododendrons are a diverse genus of flowering plants comprising approximately 1,000 species.
  • They are primarily found in temperate regions across Asia, North America, and Europe, as well as in tropical regions in southeast Asia and northern Australia.
Distinctive Features:
  • Rhododendrons are known for their vibrant, colourful flowers that grow in showy clusters.
  • Many species are cultivated as ornamental plants in gardens and parks.
  • These evergreen or deciduous shrubs or small trees have woody stems and broad, leathery leaves.
Indian Varieties:
  • In India, the Pink Rhododendron is the state flower of Himachal Pradesh, while Rhododendron arboreum is the state flower of Nagaland and the official State Tree of Uttarakhand.

-Source: The Hindu

February 2024