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Pro & Cons of Classroom & Online UPSC Coaching

Which type of IAS Coaching is better- Online or Offline for Working Professionals?

The advantages of Online UPSC Coaching:

  1. Online Coaching is timing saving. It saves your traveling time.
  2. You can join at your preference what time you want to attend.  
  3. Online IAS Coaching fee is also less than Classroom
  4. It helps you to Develops Self Discipline & Time Management
  5. You can join online Coaching classes without hampering your job.

Disadvantages of Online UPSC Coaching Classes –

* One has to have access to the Internet.

* Backup for power supply is a must. Otherwise important updates can be missed out.

* If there is an issue with the subject or anything else, immediate aid cannot be assured. As it is online, a query sent will be answered only if there is someone online on the other end. If not, the student has to wait until a response comes back.

* There is no interaction with others. It is an isolated form of learning.

* Many things can be learned from a peer, but in this form, there is no option for the same in “real-time” (unless there is a webchat or a forum where the others attending the class can discuss the subject). However, this must not stop us from considering the pros and cons of traditional offline classrooms.

The advantages of offline Classroom Coaching:

* The process of learning is not isolated.

* There is an instructor or a teacher present at all times to answer the student’s queries.

* Exchange of ideas and views in offline classrooms is “real-time” and effective.

* Probability of learning is high. As there are other students learning along and sharing knowledge.

* Any doubts and problems can be solved immediately.

* The true form of learning is where there is the involvement of people sharing and receiving knowledge without delay. And this is achieved in a conventional offline classroom.

Disadvantages of offline/classroom Coaching for UPSC:

*It is not completely an independent way of learning.

* The students tend to be overly dependent on the teacher for every detail.

* Travel expenses, accommodations, etc must be taken care of if the student hails from a place where there is no school or educational institution.

* The learning is confined to fixed timings. It can only occur between the classroom’s timings.


The chances of exploring more and finding things out for themselves from the students are limited in online IAS Coaching classes. Therefore, each has its own pros and cons. When distance and funding are considered, online classes are much better than offline classes.

If there is no issue with the distance and expenses, offline classes are a much better choice. Hence, as per a student’s convenience, these types of classes are effective in their own ways.


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