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Woman Robot Astronaut Vyommitra

Focus: GS-3 Science and Technology

Why in News?

The Government has recently announced that the uncrewed “Vyommitra” Mission is scheduled for the third quarter of this year. However, a manned mission “Gaganyaan” is scheduled to be launched in 2025.

About VyomMitra:

  • ISRO’s Vyommitra (vyoma = space, mitra = friend) is the prototype for a “half-humanoid”.
  • She is also being called a half-humanoid since she will only have a head, two hands and a torso, and will not have lower limbs.
  • It is designed in such a manner so as to simulate human functions in the Space environment and interact with the Life Support System.
  • It is equipped with the capability to monitor Module Parameters, issue Alerts and execute Life Support operations.
    • It can perform tasks such as operating six panels and responding to the queries.
  • She will fly to space on an unmanned mission later this year, aiming to lay the ground for ISRO’s manned mission Gaganyaan in 2022.

February 2024