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11th January – Editorials/Opinions Analyses


  1. Eloquently Reticent
  2. A Health Emergency : Polio
  3. Taking a Holistic Approach to Dengue


Why in news?

SC mandated government to review the curbs on internet in JK, following the abrogation of article 370.

What did SC tell ?

  • An indefinite ban on the Internet is impermissible, but fails to direct the restoration of services. When it says Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure “cannot be used as a tool to prevent the legitimate expression of opinion or grievance or exercise of any democratic rights.
  • It also said that, any reasonable restriction on fundamental rights, be it an Internet ban or a Section 144 order, will have to survive the test of proportionality.


Why in news?

  • Based on the risk of poliovirus, WHO said that polio will continue to remain a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) for three months starting 2020
  • There were 156 cases of wild polio type­1 cases in 2019 compared with 28 in 2018. besides causing polio in children, it was also found In environment  in Pakistan.
What is POlio Poliomyelitis Legacy IAS academy BEst IAS ACademy in Bangalore
What is Polio?

Prevalence of polio.

  • In 2018, a total of 8,60,000 children in Afghanistan did not receive polio vaccine due to security threats.
  • The situation did not improve in 2019 and, as a result, a large cohort of children in the southern region of the country remains unprotected.
Polio in other countries Afghanistan Pakistan Nigeria Legacy IAS academy Best IAS academy in Bangalore
Fight against Polio in other countries.


Why in news?

  • Tetravalent vaccine has been discovered to treat dengue. This offers 80% protection to children vaccinated between 4-16 years.

More about Dengue

  • Dengue is essentially a tropical disease that occurs in the countries around the Equator, hot weather and intermittent rainfall favour the sustenance of Aedes aegypti the vector transmitting the dengue virus and Aedes albopictus, a minor contributor

Prevalence of Dengue

  1. Countries do not have adequate health professionals to treat infections of dengue
  2. Most of the cases of dengue are underreported to avoid panic amoung common public.
Dengue State in India Legacy IAS academy Best IAS academy in Bangalore
Dengue in India and the World


  • WHO and the Indian government, provided guidelines for complementary medicines like Nilavembu kudineer (a Siddha medicine) and papaya leaf extract are rampant among the people.
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