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About The Quasars


According to a new study Quasars the brightest and the most powerful objects in the universe – have a violent origin story


GS III: Science and technology

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. About Quasars
  2. What is a Blackhole?

About Quasars:

  • Quasars are intriguing astronomical objects that have fascinated scientists since their discovery over 60 years ago.
  • They are located in the centers of galaxies and emit huge amounts of energy, including radio waves, visible light, and X-rays.
Here are some key facts about quasars:


  • Quasars were first discovered in the late 1950s by astronomers who were studying radio waves emitted from distant galaxies.
  • At the time, they were thought to be stars within our own galaxy, but further research revealed that they were actually located in faraway galaxies.


  • Quasars are among the most luminous objects in the universe.
  • They emit huge amounts of energy, with some quasars being thousands of times brighter than our entire Milky Way galaxy.
  • They are powered by supermassive black holes located in the centers of galaxies.


  • Quasars are formed when gas falls into the supermassive black hole at the center of a galaxy.
  • As the gas spirals into the black hole, it releases energy in the form of intense radiation and powerful jets of particles.
  • These emissions can be detected across the electromagnetic spectrum.


  • Most quasars are larger than our entire solar system, with a typical quasar being about 1 kiloparsec in width.
  • This makes them some of the largest objects in the universe.


  • Quasars provide valuable insights into the early universe and the formation of galaxies.
  • By studying quasars, scientists can learn about the conditions and processes that were present in the universe billions of years ago.
  • Quasars can also be used as “lighthouses” to map the distribution of matter in the universe and study the effects of cosmic expansion.

What is a Blackhole?

  • A black hole is a region of spacetime where the gravitational force is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape from it.
  • It is formed when a massive star runs out of fuel and collapses under the force of its own gravity, becoming extremely dense and compact.
  • The point of no return around a black hole is called the event horizon, beyond which anything that enters is trapped and cannot escape.
  • Black holes are invisible, but their presence can be inferred by their gravitational effects on nearby matter.
  • They are important objects of study in astrophysics and have contributed greatly to our understanding of the universe.

-Source: Indian Express

February 2024