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Constitution Day 2023


India celebrates Constitution Day, or Samvidhan Divas, on November 26.


GS II: Polity and Constitution

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. About Constitution Day:
  2. Interesting Facts about the Indian Constitution:

About Constitution Day:

  • Date: Celebrated on November 26th annually.
  • Significance: Marks the adoption of the Constitution of India on November 26, 1949, which came into force on January 26, 1950.
  • Initiative: Instituted in 2015 to promote constitutional values among citizens.
Constituent Assembly (CA) of India:
  • Formation: Established in 1946 under the Cabinet Mission Plan of 1946.
  • First Meeting: Held on December 9, 1946, with Dr. Sachhidanand Sinha as the Provisional President.
  • Permanent Chairman: Rajendra Prasad elected on December 11, 1946.
  • Duration: Took three years (1946-49) to complete the drafting process.
  • Membership: Comprised 299 elected members from provincial legislative assemblies.
  • Committees: Had 13 committees, including the drafting committee led by B.R. Ambedkar.
  • Adoption: The Constitution was adopted in 1949, with 284 members signing it.

Interesting Facts about the Indian Constitution:

  • Length: World’s longest constitution, with the original copy spanning 251 pages.
  • Handwriting: Completely handwritten by Prem Behari Narain Raizada, a master of calligraphic art.
  • Design: Nand Lal Bose, a pioneer of modern Indian art, designed borders and adorned pages with art pieces.
  • Original Manuscript: Written on parchment sheets measuring 16 x 22 inches, weighing 3.75 kg, and designed to last a thousand years.

Overall Impact:

  • Cultural Heritage: Highlights the meticulous craftsmanship and artistic contributions to the creation of the Indian Constitution.
  • Educational Initiative: Constitution Day serves as a platform to educate and instill constitutional values in the citizens of India.

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