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  • Fluorosis is a slow, progressive, crippling disease which affects every organ, tissue and cell in the body.
  • According to WHO, the fluoride concentration in drinking water should not exceed 1.5mg/l.
  • Thus fluorosis is caused by excessive exposure to fluoride, beyond a concentration of 1.5 mg/l.
  • It adversely affects the foetal cerebral function and neurotransmitters. Reduced intelligence in children is associated with exposure to high fluoride levels.
  • Dental fluorosis is a defect in the tooth enamel caused by excessive fluoride consumption, is not treatable and the strains are permanent.
  • Skeletal fluorosis is developed by the disturbance of calcium metabolism in the formation of bones in the body. It results in the softening and weakening of bones, resulting in deformities.
  • The main source of fluoride in groundwater is the rocks such as charnockite, quartzite, pegamatite, laterite etc.
June 2024