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Formation of Chiral Bose-Liquid State


According to recent research, the chiral Bose-liquid state may be an entirely new state of matter.


GS III: Science and Technology

Formation of Chiral Bose-Liquid State:

  • The chiral Bose-liquid state is a unique state of matter that exists at temperatures approaching absolute zero or in the quantum realm.
  • Matter in this state behaves differently from solids, liquids, and gases.
  • Researchers achieved this state using a bi-layer semiconducting device.
  • The top layer of the device contains freely moving electrons, while the bottom layer is filled with “holes” that can be occupied by electrons.
  • By bringing the two layers very close together and creating a local imbalance, electrons are left with insufficient holes to fill, resulting in the formation of the chiral Bose-liquid state.
  • In this state, electrons exhibit predictable patterns and become resistant to changes in spin, a characteristic of subatomic particles.
  • The synchronized movements of electrons in this state hold potential for applications such as novel digital encryption systems.
  • Creating and controlling such states of matter is challenging but offers exciting possibilities for future technological advancements.

-Source: Indian express


July 2024