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How To Prepare For The UPSC Interview 2023?

It is important to prepare for the interview by practicing your communication skills, researching the role of a civil servant and current events, understanding yourself and your motivations for becoming a civil servant, and dressing appropriately for the occasion. 


Place of Civil Service Interview:

The Civil Service Interview is held in the UPSC Office at Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi.


Timing: Two sessions per day
(Forenoon session 9:00 AM onwards, Afternoon session 1:00 PM onwards).
Interview call letter mentions the slot allotted to a particular candidate. Click here to check Interview schedule

Here Are The Few Things That Every UPSC Aspirant Know Before The Interview.

  • Understand the UPSC interview process: The interview is the final stage of the UPSC selection process and is also known as the Personality Test. It is conducted by a panel of experts and is intended to assess the candidate’s personality, suitability for the job, and overall potential as a civil servant.
  • Research the role of a civil servant: Familiarize yourself with the responsibilities and duties of a civil servant in India. Understand the importance of the role and the impact it has on society.
  • Know yourself: Reflect on your personal experiences, strengths, and weaknesses. Understand how they align with the role of a civil servant. Prepare to share relevant examples from your personal and professional life that demonstrate your suitability for the role.
  • Familiarize yourself with current affairs: Stay updated on national and international news and events. Understand the key issues and challenges facing India and be able to discuss them in an informed and nuanced manner.
  • Prepare for common interview questions: Be prepared to answer common interview questions such as why you want to be a civil servant, what you know about the role, your strengths and weaknesses, and your views on current affairs.
  • Practice mock interviews: Practice answering interview questions with friends, family, or a mentor. Get feedback on your answers and work on improving your communication skills.
  • Be yourself: Remember that the interview is an opportunity for the panel to get to know you as a person. Be honest and authentic in your responses.
  • Dress appropriately: Dress professionally for the interview. Make sure your attire is appropriate for the occasion and that you look neat and tidy.
  • Be punctual: Arrive at the interview location on time. Being late can create a bad impression and can be stressful.
  • Be confident: Remember that you have made it to the final stage of the selection process and that you have the potential to be a great civil servant. Be confident in your abilities and your suitability for the role.

UPSC Interview Preparation Tips Legacy IAS Academy Chief Mentor Pavan Sir

Tips During the Interview Day:

  • Nice and Neat dressing: The result of the interview greatly depends upon the candidate s performance in the interview but the candidates dressing sense and body language do play a crucial role in the overall impression on the interviewers. Wear clean and well-ironed clothes. Try to pick sober colours/light shades/simple prints.

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 IAS Interview Dress code for Men:

  • You must wear light coloured full sleeved formal shirts and dark trousers.
  • Tie will make you more formal (if you are comfortable then wear it, if not leave it)
  • Male Candidates should wear light coloured shirts like white, light blue or cream (Again it is completely your choice).
  • Shoes should be polished and can be accompanied by a simple wristwatch and a mild cologne.

IAS Interview Dress code for Female:

  • You can either opt for a simple saree or even a salwar suit depending on their comfort level.
  • Try to wear low-heeled shoes that do not make a lot of noise.
  • You must tie their hair neatly and wear minimum makeup.
  • Carry a handkerchief as well.
  • Documents: Be prepared with allyour documents especially your Graduation certificate and Date of Birth proof in original.
  • Hydrate yourself properly before interview and follow good diet. It helps you to be physically and mentally fit.
  • Be calm and composed. This will help you to give your best in the Interview.
  • Wish the chairperson and members after entering the interview hall.
  • Listen to their questions properly. Politely ask again if you couldn’t and apologise for it.
  • Take few seconds before you start answering.  Try to avoid spontaneous answer and this will help you to articulate your thoughts.
  • If you are not sure about the answer for a question/ you are stuck, please convey it to the panel. It will be better to say “sorry sir, I don’t know” instead of making a rather than giving a peripheral answer. It reflects your Honesty which is an important trait of a civil servant.
  • Do not argue with the panel. Just state your opinion in a best possible way. Sometimes it happens that board members differ with your views. At that time you are required to understand their point. Try to accept their views too.
  • Don’t be biased in your opinion and do not criticize Government.   Always stay diplomatic while giving answers and judge the both side before coming to a conclusion. 
  • Answer to the point. Try to be precise and answer what is asked. 
  • Thank the panel before leaving irrespective of your interview performance.

The most important aspect is the belief that you will clear it. Despite all the knowledge and preparation, you can still doubt yourself. The one ingredient without which success is impossible in the UPSC exams or in any aspect of life is called SELF-BELIEF.


“Give your complete effort during preparation for interview and be confident on the day of interview. Believe that your hard work never goes in vain and be consistent in your effort,” says Nandini K R(AIR 1 CSE 2016).


So be consistent and give your best, the rest will follow.

Good Luck!


February 2024