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India Semiconductor Mission

Focus: GS III- Science and Technology

Why in News?

Recently, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology has inaugurated the first ever Semicon India 2022 Conference under India Semiconductor Mission in Bengaluru.

About Semicon India – 2022

  • Semicon India – 2022 has been organized to take forward the vision of the Prime Minister to make India a leader in the electronics manufacturing, semiconductor design, manufacturing & innovation.
  • Theme of the Conference: Catalyzing India’s Semiconductor Ecosystem.

What are Semiconductors?

  • Any of a class of crystalline solids intermediate in electrical conductivity between a conductor and an insulator.
  • Semiconductors are employed in the manufacture of various kinds of electronic devices, including diodes, transistors, and integrated circuits. Such devices have found wide application because of their compactness, reliability, power efficiency, and low cost.
  • As discrete components, they have found use in power devices, optical sensors, and light emitters, including solid-state lasers.

About India Semiconductor Mission

  • Under the administration of the Ministry of Electronics and IT, the ISM was launched in 2021 with a total budgetary commitment of Rs76,000 crore.
  • It’s part of the country’s overall strategy for developing a sustainable semiconductor and display ecosystem.
  • The program’s goal is to help companies invest in semiconductors, display production, and the design ecosystem.
  • ISM will serve as the nodal agency for effective, coherent, and easy implementation of the schemes, and will be led by worldwide professionals in the Semiconductor and Display industry.
  • To build a vibrant semiconductor and display design and innovation ecosystem to enable India’s emergence as a global hub for electronics manufacturing and design.


  • ISM is critical for organising efforts to promote the semiconductor and display industries in a more systematic, focused, and comprehensive way.
  • It will develop a long-term strategy for developing the country’s semiconductor and display production capabilities, as well as the semiconductor design ecosystem.
  • Secure semiconductors and display supply chains, including raw materials, speciality chemicals, gases, and manufacturing equipment, will help to accelerate the adoption of trusted electronics.
  • It will help the Indian semiconductor design sector flourish in multiple ways by providing necessary support in the form of EDA tools, foundry services, and other appropriate methods for early-stage businesses.
  • It will also promote and facilitate indigenous Intellectual Property (IP) generation and encourage, enable and incentivize Transfer of Technologies (ToT).
  • ISM will enable collaborations and partnership programs with national and international agencies, industries and institutions for catalyzing collaborative research, commercialization and skill development.
February 2023