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List of Various Deficiency Diseases

List of Various Deficiency Diseases BY Legacy IAS Academy


Name of diseaseCaused byParts of body affectedMethod of spreadType of Vaccination
InfluenzaA myxovirus (RNA virus)Respiratory passages: epithelial lining of trachea and bronchi.Droplet InfectionKilled virus
Common coldLarge variety of viruses, commonly rhino-virus (RNA Virus)Respiratory passagesDroplet InfectionIntramuscular injection.
SmallpoxVariola virus (DNA virus)Respiratory passages, then skinDroplet Infection (Wounds in skin)Living atteneuated virus applied by scratching skin, no longer carried
ChickenpoxVaricella- zosterBlistering Skin rashAir-borne dropletsLiving attenuated virus
MumpsA paramyxovirus (RNA virus)Respiratory passages, infection via blood, salivary glands, testes in adult malesDroplet infectionLiving attenuated virus
MeaslesA paramyxovirus (RNA virus)Respiratory passages, spreading to skin and intestines.Droplet infectionLiving attenuated virus
German measles (Rubella)Rubella virusRespiratory passages, lymph nodes in neck, eyes and skin.Droplet infectionLiving attenuated virus, more essential for girls because disease causes complication in pregnancy.
Poliomyelitis (polio)Poliovirus (RNA Virus)Pharynx and intestines, then blood; occasionally motor neurons in spinal cord, paralysis may occur.Droplet infection or via human faecesLiving attenuated virus given orally
Yellow feverAn arbovirus i.e arthropod-borne virus (RNA Virus)Lining of blood vessels and liverVector- arthropods e.g ticks, mosquitoesLiving attenuated virus
AIDSRetrovirus (RNA virus)Skin CancerSexual intercourse homo- and hetrosexualsNot available
Ebola haemorrhagic feverEbola Virus disease (EVD)Fatal Illness in Humans, FeverIt is transmitted to people from wild animals and spreads in the human population through human-to-human transmission.No licensed Ebola vaccine is available
Zika diseaseZika Virus (mosquito borne disease)Causes mild illness in the people like dengue, yellow feverBasically Infection in pregnant women is linked to abnormally small heads in their babies.No vaccine available

List of Bacterial Diseases of Humans:

Name of disease Caused byParts of body affectedMethod of spreadType of vaccination or antibodies
DiphtheriaCorynebacterium diphtheriaUpper respiratory tract, mainly throat also toxin affects heart.Droplet infectionToxoid
Tuberculosis (TB)Mycobacterium tuberculosisMainly lungsDroplet infection, Drinking milk from infected cattle.BCG living attenuated bacteria. Antibiotics e.g. streptomycin.
Whooping cough (Pertussis)Bordetella pertussisUpper respiratory tract, inducing violent coughingDroplet infectionKilled bacteria
GonorrhoeaNeisseria gonorrhoeaeReproductive organs: mainly mucous membranes of urinogenital tract. Newborn infants may acquire serious eye infections if they pass through infected birth canal.Contagion by sexual contactAntibiotics, e.g. penicillin, streptomycin
SyphilisTreponema pallidumReproductive organs, then eyes, bones, joints, central nervous system, heart and skin.Contagion by sexual contactAntibiotics. e.g. penicillin
TetanusClostridium tetaniBlood. Toxin produced which affects motor nerves of spinal cord and hence muscles, causing lockjaw and spreading to the muscles.Wound infectionToxoid
CholeraVibrio choleraAlimentary canal: mainly small intestine.Faecal contamination (a) food – or water borne of material contaminated with faeces from infected person. (b) handling of contaminated Objects. (c) vector, e,g. flies moving from human faeces to food.Killed bacteria: short-lived protection and not always effective Antibiotics e.g. tetracyclines, chloramphenicol.
Typhoid feverSalmonella typhiAlimentary canal, then spreading to lymph and blood, lungs, bone marrow, spleen.Same as choleraKilled bacteria (TAB vaccine)
Bacterial dysenteryShigella dysenteriaeAlimentary canal, mainly ileum and colonSame as choleraNo vaccine.
Bacterial food poisoning (gastro enteritis or salmonellosis)Salmonella spp.Alimentary canalMainly foodborne meat from infected animals from poultry and pigs. Also via faecal contamination as choleraAntibiotic. e.g. tetracyclines.
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