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Losharik (AS-12 or AS-31)

  • It is a highly advanced Nuclear powered submarine of Russia.
  • This week a fire accident was reported on the submarine within the Russian territorial waters.
  • It is a deep-diving special missions ship, operated by the Russian Navy.
  • It is capable of withstanding high pressures at great depths, enabling it to survey the ocean floor.
  • It’s interior hull is built using titanium spheres which makes the vessel dive up to 6000 metres. A regular submarine can go to the depth of only 600 metres.
  • It is generally carried under the hull of a larger submarine and is capable of releasing a smaller submarine itself.
  • According to Russian military the submarine was carrying out ‘bathymetric measurements’ or underwater mapping.
  • But the the US and its allies feared that Russia might be developing new, secretive ways to tap or even cut undersea Fiber-optic cables that carry transatlantic Internet traffic.
  • In recent years, U.S. and British military officials have warned that Russian submarines have been spotted close to the cables.
March 2024