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Milky Way galaxy will dramatically collide, A research conducted by astrophysicists at Durham University in the UK had suggested that the Milky Way galaxy will dramatically collide with a nearby satellite galaxy– the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), which is around 163,000 light-years from us


  • Even though the collision of the two galaxies is supposed to result in the awakening of a black hole, currently, the interaction between the two is not proving to be destructive at all.
  • For now, the interaction of LMC with Milky Way is creating new stars.
  • Looking for Rare blue stars and the clusters of stars that move along with them in our galaxy using data from the Gaia spacecraft
  • Researchers analysed the elements found in the stars in the cluster to realize that the cluster was likely formed from particles found outside of our galaxy
An image of Colliding Galaxies.
An image of Colliding Galaxies.
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