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Naval Anti-Ship Missile Short Range


The Indian Navy, in association with DRDO, successfully undertook Guided Flight Trials of the first indigenously developed Naval Anti-Ship Missile Short Range (NASM-SR) from a Sea King 42B helicopter recently.


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Dimensions of the Article:

  1. Naval Anti-Ship Missile Short Range (NASM-SR): An Overview

Naval Anti-Ship Missile Short Range (NASM-SR): An Overview

Development and Origin:

  • The NASM-SR is the first indigenous air-launched anti-ship cruise missile created exclusively for the Indian Navy.
  • Developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

Launch Platform:

  • Designed to be launched from attack helicopters, providing a versatile and strategic maritime strike capability.

Replacement for Sea Eagle:

  • Intended to replace the existing Sea Eagle missiles currently deployed by the Navy.
  • Integration with MH-60R Multi-Role Helicopters:
  • Expected to be utilized with the new MH-60R multi-role helicopters, gradually being introduced into the Indian Navy.
Key Features:
  • Guidance System: Equipped with a new guidance system featuring a state-of-the-art navigation system and integrated avionics.
  • Launcher Technology: Incorporates an indigenously developed launcher specifically designed for helicopters.
  • Speed and Range: Possesses a strike range of approximately 60 km and can attain a speed of Mach 0.8.
  • Imaging Infrared Seeker: Utilizes an imaging infrared seeker to home in on target heat emissions.
  • Warhead Capability: Equipped with a warhead weighing 100 kg, demonstrating effectiveness against patrol boats and larger warships.
  • Sea Skimming Capability: The missile, during its approach, can cruise at a mere 5 meters above sea level, making it challenging for enemy radars to detect and counter.
Strategic Advantage:
  • The low-level capability, known as sea skimming, enhances the missile’s evasiveness, making it difficult for enemy defenses to detect, track, and intercept using surface-to-air missiles or guns.

-Source: The Hindu

February 2024