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PIB Summaries 14 September 2023


  1. TRIFED’s Artisanal Treasures
  2. Initiatives for persons with Disabilities

TRIFED’s Artisanal Treasures


The G20 Summit witnessed a remarkable showcase of India’s rich tribal heritage and craftsmanship, curated and presented by TRIFED (Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India), Ministry of Tribal Affairs.


Facts for Prelims

Artisanal Treasures by TRIFED:

Longpi Pottery:
  • Origin: Named after the village of Longpi in Manipur, practiced by the Tangkhul Naga tribes.
  • Technique: Longpi pottery is unique as it does not involve the potter’s wheel; all shaping is done by hand and with the help of moulds.
  • Characteristics: Recognizable by its grey-black cooking pots, sturdy kettles, charming bowls, mugs, and nut trays. Some pieces feature fine cane handles.
Chhattisgarh Wind Flutes:
  • Curators: Crafted by the Gond Tribe of Bastar in Chhattisgarh.
  • Musicality: The ‘Sulur’ bamboo wind flute stands out for its unique musical capabilities, producing melodies with a simple one-handed twirl.
  • Utility: Beyond music, the ‘Sulur’ serves practical purposes, assisting tribal men in warding off animals and guiding cattle through jungles.
Gujarat Hangings:
  • Curators: Crafted by the Bhil & Patelia Tribe in Dahod, Gujarat.
  • Design Evolution: These hangings feature mirror work, zari, stones, and beads, blending tradition with contemporary fashion.
Rajasthan Artistry:
  • Glass Mosaic Pottery: This art captures mosaic designs crafted into lampshades and candle holders. When lit, they create a stunning kaleidoscope of colors, adding vibrancy to any space.
  • Meenakari: This is the art of decorating metal surfaces with vibrant mineral substances, introduced by the Mughals. Delicate designs are etched onto metal, creating grooves for colors to nestle in. Each hue is fired individually, resulting in intricate, enamel-adorned pieces.
  • Metal Ambabari Craft: Curated by the Meena Tribe, it also employs enamelling, a meticulous process that elevates metal decoration. Today, it extends beyond gold to metals like silver and copper.

Initiatives for Persons With Disabilities


Recently, the Minister of State, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, unveiled five transformative initiatives for persons with Disabilities at the Dr. Ambedkar International Centre (DAIC).


GS II: Government policies and Intiatives

Key Initiatives in the Disability Sector:

MOU with Council of Architecture:
  • Collaboration between DEPwD and COA to introduce universal accessibility courses in Bachelor of Architecture programs.
  • Development of a certified course for architects and civil engineers to conduct accessibility audits in built environments, ensuring compliance with accessibility standards.
Release of Anonymous Data of UDID:
  • DEPwD’s release of anonymous data through the Unique Disability ID (UDID) portal for research purposes.
  • Enhancing data-driven decision-making in the disability sector and providing insights for targeted interventions.
PM Daksh Portal:
  • A comprehensive digital platform empowering Persons with Disabilities in skill training and employment opportunities.
  • Features include seamless registration through UDID, access to location-based skill training options, job listings from across India, and streamlined administrative processes.
Pathways to Access:
  • Courts on Disability Rights: Compilation of significant judgments from India’s Supreme Court and High Courts regarding disability rights into a comprehensive booklet.
  • Serves as a valuable reference guide for persons with disabilities and stakeholders in the disability sector.
Online Case Monitoring Portal by CCPD:
  • Adoption of a cutting-edge application by the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities (CCPD) to handle grievances filed by persons with disabilities.
  • Streamlines the process, making it paperless and efficient, with features like online complaint filing, automated reminders, and simplified hearing scheduling.

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